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five quirky, silly, somewhat dark albums from the 2000s, to put some bounce in your spring.

I was formulating this post in the car on one of my many drives back and forth from the valley to the city.  Good quality thinking, creative time in the car, that and belting out to bad singers from lofi bands.  I decided that if none of the other commuters are going to smile, I’d provide a bit of comic relief by being as dramatic as I can possibly be while I’m singing along, consider it a gift.

So, in my head I had come up with this “theory” that just like the 90s had the grunge movement, (which seemed to start from a “f-the man!” sort of attitude, then turned into a style, and then turned into a trend where it was more about looking like you didn’t care than it was about actually not caring) the 2000s had the indie rock movement that started with a few great bands making beautiful independent stuff with quirky singers, sometimes okay lyrics, and low budget music that I love listening to, but then turned into a sound, which over time became over produced.  Trying to sound indie, signed to Capitol, you know?  Then I realized this theory wasn’t based on any sort of sound evidence, and since I was born in 1990, it’s not like I can say, “you don’t understand, I was there man!” It’s a theory, based on nothing, take from it what you will…

Either way there were some great albums in the 2000s that were pretty weird. If you’re into bad singers, read on, if you’re into more polished stuff, well, give it a try but I warned you.  So here are five quirky, silly, somewhat dark (lyrically, they all seem to have these weird ironic death/major scale things going on) albums from the 2000s to put some bounce into your SPRING 2014! (If I can find a Youtube video with the whole album I’ll link that if not, just a song which will be a taste.)

1. Little Wings, Light Green Leaves

2. Danielson Famile, Ships

3. The Unicorns, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

5. Swan Lake, Beast Moans

Get your inner indie kid on, and enjoy these.

(preferably on an old school iPod eh?)

(if you can’t understand what they’re singing, feel free to make up the words/sounds until you have internet access, then google!)