Us, here.


The moon! La luna!


The setting: clear sky, tree lined streets, old homes, bikes, kids, parks, parents, hungover 20 something’s, birds singing, maybe a pleasant song stuck in your head

The exclamation: a young girl, 3 or 4 is standing on her front porch with who you assume is her mom, she’s all bundled up as any 3 or 4 year old should be on a March day in British Columbia, she looks forward, and with all the joy she can muster, she throws her hands up and out towards the blue sky, day time moon, “the moon, la luna!” she exclaims

The beauty: the moon is so magnificent so wonderful that it should be embraced and not only that but exclaimed about, one language isn’t enough

Capture that wonder.

Bottle that wonder and dab some on your wrists, your neck, before you step out next.

Soak in that wonder so nothing but admiration pours from your pores

The moon! La luna!