creative endeavors.


I think with the accumulated craziness of last year I put most creative stuff on the back burner.  I did manage to record a few songs that I like, but still am just sitting here with, I painted a bit, wrote a bit, etc… but didn’t get much done. This is a list of the things that maybe 2014 will have in store for me creatively, who knows though…

“God only knows, and God makes his plans.  The information is unavailable to the mortal man.” – Paul Simon

  1. I want to play more music with people.  I’ve asked two people, they know who they are.  Even if our music never leaves the living room, I want to experience the magic of playing and singing together with another person.
  2. I’d like to play at a few open mics.  This requires me to buy a new instrument however, so this is sort of a goal.  My piano isn’t very portable, so I need to save money to buy a better one, that or get really good at the ukelele.
  3. I’d like to paint a bit more often… even once a season.  It’s so relaxing.
  4. I started working on a short story in December, I really enjoy the premise and find it incredibly satisfying to sit down and work on it, I wanna do that more… religiously (? bad word?).
  5. I want to see more live music, read more fiction, and allow myself to spend more time listening to music.  These things all inspire me to no end.
  6. I want to figure out how my spiritual life dances with my creative life.  Previously I’ve tried an approach where I felt like I already knew how that relationship should work and it ends up fizzling out, now I want to start at the beginning and see how the Spirit inspires.  I’ve always felt more like a vessel, maybe that’s all that it’s about? Not sure, I want to explore that more.

So that’s my list. We’ll see what comes of it.


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