Food for thought. Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie with Field Roast Grain Meat, and Peppery Walnut Topping.


The Humphrey house is still in comfort food mode this week. It’s been a rough couple weeks emotionally and physically. I won’t go in to all of it, but we’re both sort of just exhausted. I caught a cold last week that I thought was over a couple of days later but then proceeded to get worse… Now a week later I’m feeling like I have some energy back, but I have no voice! Tal on the other hand was mostly fine until this morning, and now he’s out for the count. Yuck. We went away to our cabin last weekend, and I still haven’t gotten back on the ball as far as meal planning, housecleaning, and general homemaking. I’m falling apart!!! (Melodrama).

So, dinner. Almost everyone I know makes a different shepherd’s pie, which makes it a pretty non-threatening meal, how can you go wrong when there’s so many different right ways? I don’t subscribe to any cooking ideas that say there is only one right way to prepare something!


I’m not going to leave you a recipe, but rather an invitation to get creative with shepherds pie! I love Field Roast Grain Meat sausages (not a fake meat but a meat alternative, nothing artificial, delicious!) so I crumbled up a couple of those with my onions, garlic, spices, and veggies. I made a bit of a sauce by adding about 2 tbsp of flour and a little water (once all the veggies were cooked). Then I mashed up some sweet potatoes, seasoned them with a little nutmeg. I poured the veggie mixture into a casserole, spread the sweet potatoes on top of it, and topped with some crushed walnuts spiced with black pepper corns that had had some time in a food processor. I baked that at 350* for about 30 minutes, and my taste buds were very happy.

How do you do shepherd’s pie? Have you every tried a meatless one?


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