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Food for thought. Direct evidence that cookies make me sick.


You know how sometimes you hear health-food information and claims and you’re like, “yea…. even if that’s true…” and then you go on to state a bunch of reasons why it doesn’t pertain to you, or even matter to you? Like, “I don’t even care if its unhealthy, I love it and I’m eating it anyways!” Well I have now directly experienced a tummy ache as a result of eating 3 small chocolate chip cookies, let me fill you in on the rest of the story.

I haven’t been baking any treats (besides muffins, healthy, low sugar ones) for the past couple of weeks. I had been having bad acne and heartburn and started to think that maybe it was a combination of sugar and dairy in my diet. So I’ve been slowly cutting that stuff back, or out completely, but the first and easiest step was not baking anymore. I replaced my noon and three o’clock cookie time with apples and bananas, and I really haven’t felt deprived at all. I told myself the only reason I was baking so much was because Tal loved it and needed it for work, but he hasn’t complained once (doubt he’s even noticed) that his lunches are cookie free now. Anyways, so we’re rolling a long, and my acne is getting better, my heartburn is gone, and Tal has had this strange dairy awakening (“Carmen, don’t you think it’s weird that we’re the only mammal to drink another mammals milk? Let alone the only mammal to drink milk past infancy?”) but, yesterday when Tal was sick on the couch and I was in the middle of a chocolate craving I buckled and decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

They turned out kinda weird because I only had this organic whole wheat stone ground bread flour, but as Tal said, “they’re strangely addictive.” So we both ate a few.

Here are the results from the cookie experiment that we didn’t know was going to be an experiment until the results presented themselves:

1. Immediate tummy ache
2. Sugar headache within 30 minutes
3. TMI warning! Weird poop within the hour
4. Gas
5. Two new pimples this morning
6. More gas

Now, could this have been the result of something else I ate? Yes, totally, but seeing as everything else I’ve been eating has been pretty normal and the cookies were the only thing that came out of nowhere… I’m blaming the cookies. Call it bad science, call it what you will, but I’m calling cookies “treats with side affects.”

Have I learnt my lesson? I hope, but probably not. I have a feeling that this will be a lesson I’ll have to learn and relearn for the rest of my life.


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