It’s been three weeks since I ran last, and that run was only 2 km. When I ran then I had just had a one week break. Before that break I was running 5k, six days a week. That was about a month ago. A lot has changed in a month however, and I don’t feel bad about the break. I had to learn how to be without a car, because now Tal is home and needs to take it to work, I also have been waking up at 4:30 to help him get out the door and on his way, as well as doing a lot more around the house.

The biggest reason I haven’t been running is because to go about the daily errands I have to do, I end up walking about an hour everyday anyway, and our town is basically on the side of a mountain. So I walk down to the shops and then carry everything back up, and my route involves a 104 step stairway. I feel as though I am already getting a good workout…

That being said, I’ve been wanting to get back out there. There’s something so satisfying about finishing a run. I’ve also been inspired by my friend over at The Mommy Experience. She is training for a 5k fun run in her city, and now I’m going to join!

Today’s the day I end this running break. My new goal is to run 5k three times a week. Gonna lace up my shoes and get out there before it gets warm outside!


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