Food for Thought. Recipe: Lentil Risotto with Wild Snapper and Baby Spinach.

Before I go into this recipe, I just want to rave a bit about Sorted Food! They’re English boys who went to school together and now make cooking videos on their website, and YouTube (they also have a great web app for the ipad). They make mostly whole foods recipes (some times they cheat) and have a lot of vegetarian options as well. I love to be entertained and educated, and their show does just that.


I love watching real chefs and cooks… Cook. It inspires me to be more adventurous in the kitchen and to go with my heart as I’m cooking. I’m trying to follow recipes a little more loosely and to add and mix in what I think would be delightful. It is a different type of satisfaction when you sit down to a meal that you created from your heart than it is to follow a recipe… Similarity it is a deep satisfaction when you knit without a pattern and it turns out beautifully. I think it’s just more of a creative task.

That being said, for this dinner, I followed the recipes almost to a T, and wow, it was amazing.

I posted a picture of the dinner to the blog last night, to check that out, click here.

For the Red Lentil Risotto recipe click here. Enjoy the video or skim down for full recipe.

The fish was prepared with a recipe from my mom, which I think she originally got from the Lighthearted Cookbook by Anne Lindsay. Usually when a recipe is marketed as “healthy” it doesn’t taste good, but this one does, and it really is so simple to put together. The whole dinner, including the risotto was done in 40 minutes, from start to dishes.

With this recipe, I also wanted to rave about a new app I’ve been loving. It’s called The Recipe Box and it is great! Finally I have a place to catalog ALL the Internet recipes I use, without having to print or write them out! You can also input your own recipes! The other great thing is that you can share recipes super easily – definitely check this out if you have pages of pages of AllRecipes lying around and you want to get that stuff organized!

Here’s what a recipe looks like using the recipe box app, as well as the recipe for Pacific Snapper Fillets with Herbs:


So, I hope you enjoy those recipes! Let me know if you prepare them and if you made changes, yada yada! I’d love to see pictures too :) Our food system is in such chaos right now, that anyone who gets in the kitchen and actually prepares real food is TOTALLY making a stand, so grab your wooden spoon and get in there!


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